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Our Services

We provide services to all families and communities and specialise in Aboriginal, Māori and Pacifica Cultures.

Foster carer assessments

Guardianship Assessments

Combining highly skilled expertise assessors with years of experience in the field, we are able to provide quality evidence strength-based assessments that support children and their families to build self-determination and strong identities. 

Foster Carer and Relative Kinship Carer Assessments for all people from different cultural backgrounds

With our strong relationship with Winangay Resources, key expertise and a wealth of experience in our assessors, we are able to provide the best evidence strength-based assessment that support each family through family-led decision making and self-determination.

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Family Support and Supervision
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Shared Lives Training

Our expert assessors are also trained in Shared Lives and can provide one on one or group training for all potential foster carers. Our qualified team can provide Shared Lives training and assessments as a whole package.  

Cultural Journey Planning for Aboriginal, Māori and Pacific Islander children and young people

Our Cultural Journey Plans are developed with extensive consultations with families and communities. Each plan is written to the child and supports the adults in their lives to ensure children and young people are living culturally lived experiences.

Cultural Mentoring for Foster Carers, children, young people and families.

We provide one-on-one cultural mentoring or consultation to support agencies when working with Aboriginal, Māori and Pacific Islands families. Cultural mentoring one-on-one is tailored to support the needs of the child, family or foster carer.

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Shared Lives Training

Aboriginal Cultural Immersion Training

Our cultural Immersion Training provides government and non-government key information about the Aboriginal culture and effective techniques and strategies to work best with Aboriginal families and communities.

Cultural Youth Camps

Supporting our Youth in leadership, team building, self-awareness and connection alongside immersing in ancient and modern cultural practices to build their sense of belonging and cultural identity.